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  • To Deliver a robust information systems which satisfies the customer and which is friendly user.

  • To Deliver a robust information systems where quality and time are related to the price.

  • To keep the customer data (Database) intact and safe and to prevent the collapse of the data files and to prevent the human errors due to wrong data entries

  • To Set the quality standards which can satisfy the customer and ease the training process of the customer staff,
  • To Have the courage to discover any quality deficiencies and to correct them at time,
  • To Recognize that the quality of our service depends on our respond time.

On Other hand:

  • To deliver software products and services of the highest quality and reliability.
  • To develop a highly committed and professional team and to use all sort of software technology challenges and to bring innovation and creativity.

Welcome to the world of ORA-CAESAR. Through stages of research and hard works, we believe that we are always the ideal partner for small and medium-size businesses and big-size companies. Our customers are our best "salesmen".

We believe that, all our software products should always be high on user friendliness. We are continuously trying to revolutionize the way you manage your business by consolidating traditional business processes with the latest information technology (Oracle 10g & 11g). In addition, another outstanding feature that you will discover in all other software systems is simplicity. We are always concerned about growth in communication and creativity.

Regarding this, we welcome any constructive comments and critics and appreciations from our customers and users. Your feedback is vital in helping us understand the need of your business and in our effort of continuous development to meet the needs of the future. Here at ORA-CAESAR, having a warm, courteous, casual and creative atmosphere is our culture.

Our Systems

  • Full set of business document application Under ORA-CAESAR , a full set of business documents is ready for user application. These documents include: LPO (Local Purchase order), Supplier Inquiry Notice, Customer Quotation, Sales Order, Delivery Note, Receiving & Purchase Invoice, Credit Note, Debit Note, Whole Sale & Retail Invoice, Sub-Contractor Payment Certificate, Construction Project Payment Certificate, Sub-Contractor Advance Payment, Sub-Contractor Retention, PDC Management.

  • Complete Analytical Report Presentation ORA-CAESAR offers analytical report for business decision support analysis purpose. Customers could view their sales performance, goods delivery and receipt progress, customer performance, purchasing record, supplier price history, item balance and stock status, Sub-Contractor performance and their balances, projects progress.

  • Item Cost Under ORA-CAESAR, different mode of stock evaluation is provided, among them : Weighted Average Cost.

  • Bar-coding management in inventory items Users can create their items in international barcode standard, for example: EAN-13, UPC. Furthermore, you can print out the barcode for better inventory maintenance. This barcode printing function is supported by any barcode printer.

  • Flexible Adjustment for inventory items CAESAR let users to do adjustment in item quantity and write-off in item value by category.

  • ORA-CAESAR is one of our proud systems with a fully integrated Accounting System. The Accounting System includes Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables, General Ledger, Petty Cash, Statement of Accounts and Trial Balance. Whereas, with ORA-CAESAR are fully integrated other systems like Human Resource, Payroll, Secretary, Leave Management, Appraisal Evaluation for labors and executives and engineers and formen, Vehicles and Fixed Assets.

    As a result, even though you are an absolute novice in the matter of business management and practices, you can yet work like a professional. In a few interesting hours, you will be mastering all that you need to apply with powerful features in ORA-CAESAR.

  • Low learning curve – Users can master the basic usage in just a few interesting hours.

  • Multi-Country – Allows users to manage company’s business by country through the Web

  • Multi-Company – Open as many companies you have by country and manage company’s business through the Web.

  • Multi-Region – Under each company, open different regions, in the country where the company exercises its activities.

  • Multi-Branch – Under each region of the company Allows users to manage the company’s business.

  • Multi-Currency

  • Multi-Users – Allows multi-users to run the same database with different authority level controlled by multi-password security.
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