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The New Standards Of Excellence
Accounting and Finance HR and Payroll
Inventory Control Document Management
Sales and Barcoding Fixed Assets
Private Schools Sub Contractor System
Website Design Graphic Design & Interior Décor
• Chart of Accounts Master File
• Cost Center Master File
• Voucher Type Master File: Unlimited Voucher Types
• Accounting Transactions By JV Type
• Receipt Vouchers
• Payment Vouchers
• Petty Cash Voucher,
• Statements of Account
• Aging and Detailed analytical reports
• Trial Balance
• Balance Sheet
• Profit & Loss (P&L)
• PDC Management
• LIFO,FIFO, Weighted Average Cost Method
• Accounting Fundamentals & Financial Ratio
• Item Identification By Category,
• Invoice Management,
• Job Costing ,
• Local Purchase Order (LPO),
• Purchase Invoice (Generated from LPO),
• Purchase Return Invoice,
• Various Purchasing Reports (On LPO, Purchases, Return),
• Fiche Stock for each Item,
• Stock Adjusting,
• Damage of Items,
• Inventory Costing (Average Cost)
• Breakeven Analysis
• Return on Investment
• Sunk Costs
• Benefit Cost Ratio
• Salesman Master File,
• Customer Order,
• Wholesale Invoice with Delivery Note,
• Retail Sale Invoice
• Sales Return,
• Various Sales Reports (On Orders, Sales, Sales Return),
• Define Assets Category Master File,
• Define Assets Group by Category Master File,
• Define Assets Model By Category, Group Master File,
• Purchasing of Fixed Assets Invoice,
• Identification of Fixed Assets,
• Disposal of Fixed Assets,
• Rent of Fixed Assets,
• Damage of Fixed Assets,
• Assembling of Fixed Assets,
• Transfer of Fixed Assets,
• Depreciation and Generate JV to Accounting,
• Reports.
• Sub-Contractor System
• Owner system with scheduled owner payments
• Project Cost Estimation
• Contract Cost Estimation
• BOQ (Bill Of Quantity)
• Flexible LPO (Local Purchase Order)
• Contract Costs (Procurement)
• Cost Variance
• Estimate at Completion
• Estimate to Complete
• Variance at Completion
• Statistical Concepts
• Venn Diagrams: Which items you want to compare? What characteristics do the items have in common (intersecting portion)?
• Camps System including Labor Health Management
• System for Site
• Various reports needed for the daily construction job
• Master Files (Employee Type, Diploma Master, Designation
• Master, Job Application,
• Employee Master File: Complete details with photo, Visa, Passport No, Nationality, Designation, Expiry Visa or Residence Permit or Passport,
Renew Date, Health Card,
• Document Management,
• Tenancy Contracts & their expiry dates,
• Special file for Reminders or Appointments,
• Daily or Monthly Timesheet ,
• Payroll and Wages for Labors and for Administrative Staff,
(Advance Payment and Deduction for each employee)
• Fully Integrated with Accounts (Generate Salary JV),
• Leave Management for Labors or Executives,
• Various Reports like: Visa, Passport, Labor card Expiry Dates,Payroll Slip
• Various Samples Forms for daily work such: Leave Request, Warning to employee Request, Business Card Request,
Driving License Request, Investigation Request, Run-Away Request, etc….,
• Public Relations Office (PRO) separate Module,
• Labor Evaluation,
• Engineers, formen, Executives Evaluations,
• Various Statistics on Employees: By Designation, By Site, Nationality, Country,
• Special Module for Camps and Labor Health.
• Displays All Expired Passports of employees

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