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The New Standards Of Excellence
Accounting and Finance HR and Payroll
Inventory Control Document Management
Sales and Barcoding Fixed Assets
Private Schools Sub Contractor System
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The New Standards of Excellence
We entered the Lebanese market since 1995. Then we expanded to the Arab United Emirates, Germany and Slovakia.
Our team developed many systems over the years, like:

  • Accounting System
  • Stock Inventory Control System
  • Sales (Wholesale & Retail) and Barcoding System
  • Full Package for Construction Contracting Companies
  • Fixed Assets (Assets Identification + Purchase of Assets +Depreciation + Generation of JV)
  • Vehicles System (Registration, expiry Registration, Insurance)
  • Private School System with Accounting & Fixed Assets Systems integrated
  • State Technical School
    1. We help our customers save time and reduce redundancy in their businesses.
    2. We provide assistance to our customers to take advantage of their capabilities.
    3. We provide assistance to our customers to overcome various day to day business problems.
    4. We are a team of highly qualified in IT, Analysis, Design & Programming.
    5. We have long experience in implementing our systems in the market.
    6. Our credibility is our main philosophy.
    7. Our commitment to the success of our customer is our strength.
Ora-CAESAR™ is one of the leading customized software solution.
We provide software solutions for all fields of businesses like Financial Institutions, Construction, Trading, Contracting, Manufacturing, Schools, Pharmacies and Physicians.
Our Business System’s operations include Accounting, Inventory Control with Local Purchase Order (LPO), Sub-Contractors, Owners, Personnel Management, Payroll, Production, Fixed Assets, Vehicles, Camps, Labor Health & PRO.
Our Academicals Systems include Private Schools (in Arabic & In English), State Technical Schools (For Lebanon & United Arab Emirates).
Ora-CAESAR™ can be connected to the internet wherever an internet connection is available.

In Ora-CAESAR™ High Security has been setup for remote operation.
Ora-CAESAR™ can be distinguished through the following features:

• Multi Country, Multi Company, Multi Branch, Multi Currency, Multi Store and Multi level costing (Cost Centers),
• Unlimited Multi Voucher types
• Production System
• Inventory Control System,
• Personnel Management System, Payroll System with link to Accounting,
• Ora-CAESAR™ has well studied functionality
• Unlimited number of users, sorted by country or by company.
• Backup is scheduled on daily basis at 10 o'clock night,
• Possibility of recovering any table (Data File) delete by error.

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